Sound Generation is a state-of-the-art recording and mixing studio established in 2005.

Conveniently located in Manhattan's West Village, the studio features cutting edge technology, both digital and analog. The control room, studio and isolation booth are acoustically designed to provide the best recording environment and the pleasant and comfortable aesthetics enhance the creative experience.

The studio conveniently operates seven days a week, night sessions are available for booking.

Sound Generation welcomes and collaborates with other top notch engineers and producers from all over the world.

Sound Generation is managed and run by Andrew Mittelman who serves as chief audio engineer.

Sound Generation features a Avid ICON D-Command console for total integration, control and automation of Pro Tools recording and mixing in both stereo and surround formats. Avid Sync HD, Tascam CG-1800 and AJA Io XT provide video synchronization and mixing to HD picture.

24 channels of Rupert Neve Designs mic preamplifiers are connected to the studio patch panel and normalled to the Mytek 8x192 ADDA/Pro Tools inputs. In addition, an assortment of high-end tube and Class A microphone preamplifiers complement the studio microphone collection.

Gepco and Mogami studio wiring and a carefully designed patchbay consisting of 8 X 96 bantam patch points ensure the best signal path from microphone to input and for analog inserts while mixing.

Analog equalizers and compressors, as well as digital and analog effects processors, are available for recording and mixing. A complete selection of DSP and Native-based digital processing is available in Pro Tools as well as software instruments and a comprehensive sample library.

2 Rupert Neve Designs 5059 Satellite mixers (32 inputs, 4 Stereo Bus) are normalled to dedicated outputs in Pro Tools for ease of use during mixing and also feature 8 channels of RND 5033 EQ modules. Mixes can be delivered ready for final mastering, as Redbook Audio CD, DDP FIle Set or in any standard commercial format. Sonic Studio soundBlade is available for mastering in stereo.

5.1 or 7.1 surround mixing is also available, including Dolby Digital and DTS distribution-ready audio.